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Nick Evans


Wesley College has worked with Risk Resolve and Clare Dallat over the past 2 years over a range of the College’s operations, including sport, outdoor education and critical incident management training. . Risk Resolve and Clare have been wonderful. Clare is professional, knowledgeable, encouraging and insightful. I cannot recommend her work highly enough.

As an attorney I am committed by oath to the, some might say quaint, proposition of the “reasonable person”. More specifically, in a court of law, a judge or jury, not necessarily familiar with the wilderness or outdoor education sector but having heard testimony from witnesses and experts, is asked to decide whether a person accused of negligence acted as a reasonable person would have acted in the same or similar circumstances. There is no such “reasonable person” of course. They are a fiction. And the standard of “reasonableness”, some would argue, is inappropriate and unfair, for our “reason” is the slave of our emotions in reacting to a threat or figuring out how to avoid an injury or other loss.


However we regard the “reasonable person” test for legal liability, there is a need in our risk management strategies for enhanced risk analysis, lab work and training – in short, science – so that what might have been a purely emotional, instinctive reaction to a hazard becomes something more thoughtful and strategic.


Dr. Clare Dallat of Risk Resolve brings this approach and related skills to the wilderness/ outdoor education sector. Her work in the field adds importantly to her evidence-based research and consulting. Her international experience adds to her understanding of cultural differences pertinent to risk management strategies, including standard setting. Our industry is fortunate to have Clare as an international ambassador and generous contributor to our efforts to better serve our clients and staff. I am privileged to have worked with and learned from Clare and look forward to many more years of doing so.

Charles "Reb" Gregg

Leading Attorney, lecturer and writer in legal liability issues for adventure, education and recreation based outdoor programs.

Mr. Bobby Fagogenis

Assistant Head of School

Throughout COVID-19, Dr. Clare Dallat and Risk Resolve have been instrumental in supporting our International school through the health crisis. By introducing various risk management tools, connecting to current research, and demonstrating a high degree of expertise and competence, Clare has completely earned the trust and respect of our community. As a result, we as a community feel well on our way to confidently reopening our school campus when appropriate to do so.

Risk Resolve has continuously provided practitioner focussed, evidence based and contemporary risk and safety management practices and perspectives to the national outdoor and experiential learning community. ACU has utilised these world leading safety science approaches to inform both our practices as well as our curriculum designed to develop professional outdoor leaders. Clare is a renowned world leader in contemporary risk management practice. Clare’s innovative and bespoke solutions to schools and organisation’s specific needs are second to none.

Mrs. Sandy Allen Craig

Senior Lecturer
Outdoor Education and Outdoor Leadership

Mr Phillip Heath AM

Head of School

I have immense confidence in Dr Clare Dallat. After being highly recommended, I sought her assistance to conduct an external review of our Outdoor Education program. Clare conducted her review with the utmost professionalism, confidentiality, insight, and skill. Her findings remain as relevant now as they were at the time. Thorough, scholarly, and incisive, Clare’s observations were framed respectfully, ever with an eye to practicality and outstanding practice in education. She served our needs with the utmost integrity and truthfulness. Clare’s work was truly seminal.

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