Incident and Near Miss Investigations

Incidents and near misses can be extremely difficult events to respond and recover from. Their impact can be long-lasting and far reaching. Having experienced exactly what it feels like to be directly involved in tragic and serious incidents, we understand just how hard they can be. The worst thing possible would be to fail to take the opportunity to genuinely learn from them, and to deeply consider what can be improved across the whole work system. We simply owe it to those involved to do all we can to understand what happened. At Risk Resolve, we have worked with many organisations and regulators – large, small, and tiny – across the globe to support them do just this. We use state-of-the-art accident analysis methods, and we ensure our approaches are no-blame in their design. We don’t look for the smoking gun as it just doesn’t exist. We help you, genuinely and respectfully, to identify and consider the multiple decisions, actions and factors that contributed to the incident. Then, with you, we identify practical recommendations to reduce the likelihood of reoccurrences .

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